The Spanking Tina Show


I wanted to remind Tina I was dropping her off in the morning. She was baby sitting for Betty Wyndrift's infant twin daughters, a very responsible position.

I knocked and then open the door and she was scurrying across the floor and dived into bed. "What's going on, Tina?"

"Oh, um, nothing Dad, I was um just putting something away...and dad I am not dressed properly!"

I knew it was Tina's way of admonishing me for opening the door with out waiting. It worked at first, Tina only had on a thin undershirt and her panties. Then I notice the curtains were pulled back and the shade was up. I went over and right across our driveway no more than 30 feet away is a room of our neighbor's house, lights dim, second floor. They just moved in 3 months ago. It occurred to me then that the new boy Jason could see straight into Tina Room. And what boy wasn’t going to watch a show like that. I saw Jason walk in then, he wasn’t paying attention to our window.

I turned and looked at Tina. She tries to bluff ignorance, but after a few seconds of my glare, she blushes and turns her head away. "Tina Marie I'm ashamed of you!"

Oh daddy I tried to pull the shade all the way down but it was stuck.

Oh? I then gave the shade a little tug. It moved very easily.

"Daddy, nooooo don't... pleeasse... nooo!"

This while I am scooting her desk chair to the middle of the floor. She knows what that means...

"Yes, Tina, I won't stand for this. Deliberately trying to show that boy your half clothed body! Teasing him! In fact, that's not a bad way to teach you a lesson, young lady!"

And I go back over to the window and raise the shade.

"Daddy, noooo!!!!! You can't!!!!"

"Get you half clothed butt over here this second Tina Marie!

"Oh pleeeeeease daddy…noooo" but she gets up and dressed just in undershirt and panties come over to my side. "Daddy, noooo, please he can see!" For I have the chair right in front of the window and her round bottom will be aimed right at Jason's window.

"Well, isn't that what you wanted. Now get over my knee!"

I have to pull her over as she is blushing furiously. I was she was hoping against hope Jason wouldn't notice. I raise my right hand high and bring it down with a resounding SMACK SMACK on her pantied clad bottom, I notice him turn and look across the driveway at the sound.

I continue spanking hard as Tina holds onto the chair leg with both hands. Tina knows not to try to protect her bottom when I spank it. Her bottom wriggled and bounced, I see her grimace and bite her quivering lip see her trying to hold back tears, in the long mirror on the inside of the door. "Daddy, nooo,OOOOOOooooooooooo no more, pleeeeeease, I'm sorryyyyy, I'm sorrryyyyyyyy!!!""

Across the driveway I notice that the light is off now in Jason's room, but out of the corner of my eye I see a face in the side of the window, and he is watching the spanking intently...

I continue the unrelentless steady swift spanking of Tina's upturned wriggling bottom, and add some to the back of her thighs for emphasis. "Never SMACK ever SMACK do SMACK that SMACK again SMACK young lady SMACK SMACK or I'll SMACK SMACK call Jason SMACK SMACK SMACK and invite him over to SMACK SMACK SMACK watch!!!"Owww owwwww Oh daddy nooooo.... I'd die of shame..."

SMACK Well Tina SMACK SMACK I do think SMACK SMACK he's watching now anyway SMACK SMACK

"NOOOOOO!!!! DADDY let me up!! Ohhhh Nooooo ...<sobbing>"

" Just be glad I am not SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK taking down SMACK SMACK SMACK your panties, young lady! SPANK SPANK SPANK in front of him right now. SMACK SMACK SMACK "Oh Daddy, nooo I'll be good, oh pleeeease (sob sob) don't, not that, not with him there!" she says in an urgent whisper between racking sobs, as her bottom wriggles bounces, and twitches, obviously burning and stinging.

Tina's bottom is a scalding bright crimson glowing through her thin white panties. "Next time you do this I will do just that, Tina, and if he doesn’t want to come over he can watch from his window again but I will call him first, do you understand?" And I give her lower checks and thighs hard and (very) fast spanking over and over for emphasis.

OWWW, Daddy, yes, I won't OWWWWWW do it a"Yoww Yoww Yoww!!!!! Owww!!!! Yes (choking) I promise!!! OOOOOOOOOOoooooo W nooooo!!!!' she squirms, legs and bottom twitches, and wriggles Good!, now get into bed!"

And as she scurries under the covers to hide herself in shame and embarrassment more than anything else, I walk calmly to the window to pull down the shade, and I see Tommy's head quickly recede out of the window.

I come back stand over the bed. "This isn't quite finished young lady, I want you to be sure, I mean business. Pull down the panties and Turn over" Sobbing Tina understand what this means especially as I begin to unbuckle my belt, as much as her bottom stings and burns she doesn’t argue. Crying brokenly she rolls over kicking off the cover tugging her white panties down over her glowing red orbs to her knees. She raises her hands above her head and grips the sheet. Stiffens her legs and offers me her bright red bare bottom for more punishment, as she sobs into the mattress. I felt a small quirk of guilt but she has to learn a valuable lesson. I fold the belt in half lift it high in the air and bring the first stroke down over the uppers tips of her bare bright red cheeks SWACK! Her red bottom jumps her hips roll as she sucks in her breath before she can release it, I lay another loud stroke down a little lower now on the center of her bare red tips SWACK! her behind jumps hips rock furiously she moans out her pitiful cry sob…she now has two thick bluish red strips across her already scarlett bottom, I take my time with the last one. Her knuckles are white from gripping the sheet. Bottom rocking and twitching in pain, as she moans and sobs into the mattress, I lift the belt high I knew this was going to be the worst blow. It was going to land on her lower section where it is the tenderest and already showing signs of brusing from the swift spanks already received there. I bring it across the sit spot with a loud resounding SWACK! She arches her back lets out a loud agonized cry of pain. Her behind jumps and jerks as her hips rock furiously, her feet kick the mattress hard and fast, and she lets go of the sheet and grabs her burning rear end. I put my belt back on as she rubs and chokes on her sobs. I give her time to deal with the fresh inferno of fire she now has for a butt. Then I sit on the bed, taking her in my arms while she sobs. " You are still my little girl no matter how big you get, and I don’t want boys seeing you half dressed. Tonight you put on quite a show for Jason. Don't ever let me catch you doing that again. I spared giving you the belt with your panties down because Jason was able to watch. But don't think I will do that next time. And sweetie if there is a next time it wont be a spanking first then the belt, it will be only the belt and lots of it. Now hush its over its now…" I soothed her and rocked her the same as I did when she was my baby girl, and before long the sobs eased and the tears slowed.

"I'm really sorry daddy. I feel so ashamed..."

I give her a kiss on the cheek, tell her to get some sleep, and close the door behind me.

Two days latter Jason asked her out on there first date…I wasn’t quite sure how I felt about that…


By: ^sassy^ Copy right 2000